The goal of Everyday Apples is to bring joy and laughter to peoples' days because laughing is my favorite hobby and I wish to spread it to others as much as I can. New apples are posted on Instagram if you want to see what's new come over that way ⟶ @everyday.apples.

There isn't too much background to share about the apples but I can give a quick overview and a look at the questions I usually get asked. 

What are you up to with these apple drawings? I started this collection of illustrations in 2014. The apples reflect us and our day-to-day interactions with friends.

Why apples? You know, I really don't know. I was talking to a friend one night (hi Kayla!) saying I wanted to draw more and that maybe I could take our funny conversations and illustrate them. The direct result of that was talking apples, no other fruit or vegetable was considered.

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